So funny. Great #improv statements, you know what it means.
I’Mprovising Right - Episode 1 Initiating Right

Switch Committee Returns Trailer:

Feel free to censor your actions, but never your reactions.
Improv Etiquette (via improvinomaha)
The muscles that we use when we are in love with someone are the same muscles that we use when we improvise. What they say to you matters, what they don’t say to you matters. When they touch you it matters, when they don’t touch you it matters. When they touch someone else it matters, when they don’t touch someone else it matters. When they say your name it matters, when they don’t say your name it matters. The muscles that we use in love are the same muscles we use in improvisation, because everything fucking matters.

Dave Razowsky. Taken from a list of memorable quotes from Improvention 2014. 

Sometimes words hit you like a truck. 

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Braving the Unknown: Susan Messing at TEDxUChicag…:


As you may have read in the Tribune article last week the NEW Annoyance space at Clark/Belmont is set to open THIS WEEKEND! WOOOOOOOOO. Two stages, more class oppurtunities. It’s going to be fantastic.


Congrats to the whole annoyance staff who has been working so hard to bring the new space…

International Incident: has international improvisers play over the interner.